Our Story

When I was a kid, the only books I would read were Enid Blyton's Secret Seven series. However, that habit was soon lost as I got into the socially turbulent teenage years. All that stress from unnecessary conflicts and petty gossip started getting the better of me. I found the best escape from that when my uncle introduced me to a certain book called 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki! I realized how much there was for me to learn through non-fiction books!

The book that truly impacted me was Simon Sinek's Start With Why! In that book, he talks about the presence of a strong, inspiring WHY that at the centre of great leaders and organizations that drives their decision-making. You see, every person is driven by their WHY. Your WHY is your vision for yourself based on the person you are.

I found that my WHY is to inspire people to achieve more in life through fulfilling work and relationships. By taking action on my WHY, the idea for Books For Wealth came about. A place where people can be guided on the books that can truly help them become better people and achieve more!

At Books For Wealth, we provide genuine, unbiased reviews on non-fiction books from a variety of topics from business and finance, to self-help and psychology! We also provide a list of top books carefully curated by a group of established book reviewers from the book community! Go ahead and have a look! 

Happy Reading!