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Updated: Jan 24

Gary Vaynerchuck

In Crushing it, GaryVee insists on how building a personal brand is vital for entrepreneurial success, especially in today’s times. His latest book is a state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to professional and financial success, but it’s not about getting rich. It’s a blueprint to living life on your own terms.

What’s it about?

In times when the whole idea of a traditional 9-5 job is fading and people are becoming less interested in spending their lives in a cubicle, social media has given people an escape hatch. You can amplify your hobbies and build a personal brand while making a decent income too.

However, this has created its own set of problems. Social Media is filled with charlatans and cheats who will promise to give you “the secret” to growing a great brand. Enter the saviour, Gary Vaynerchuck. If there’s one person on social media whose advice you can absolutely trust, it is GaryVee. A venture capitalist and early investor in Twitter, Venmo and Uber, he has become one of the most sought after speakers alive today. If you’re not following him on Instagram, you’re missing out on some great advice!

Written as a sequel to his 2009 book, Crush it, in this book, Gary insists on how building a personal brand is crucial for entrepreneurial success, especially today. While talking about what has changed in the social media world since 2009, he provides timeless principles on how we can build an effective brand for ourselves and our business.

The book is divided into two parts. In the first part of the book, Gary highlights the importance of a personal brand and then goes on to provide EIGHT essential principles for building an effective, authentic name for ourselves.

In the second part, using testimonials of people who were inspired by “Crush it”, he provides specific advice on every social media avenue available out there. He enlightens readers on how to properly exploit platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even Twitter. He also speaks about the future of marketing and brand-building on Voice-First platforms like Alexa and Google Home, which makes for an interesting read!

What I liked about the book?

I love GaryVee. Ever since I got to know about him a couple of years ago, I have been listening to him and watching his clips. His advice is always authentic and audience-focused, which is so refreshing to see in times where we have social media charlatans and self-help gurus who are known for cheating people.

Crushing it is THE book you need to read if you’re thinking about starting your own business or brand. Whatever your hobby, there’s a way you can exploit that on social media to build an identity. Gary shows you how to do that.

Even though it is written as a sequel to his 2009 book, Crush it, Gary does a great job of giving this book its own identity. I have not read Crush it, and I didn’t find any issues while reading this book.

We often think that social media influencers got lucky or they had the secret, but Gary shows us how that’s not true at all. Citing these influencers, he remarks, “These people became rich because they worked so goddamn hard that no one else could keep up.“

“Execute. I see a lot of people in my generation talking about ideas and saying what they’re going to do. I hate talking about what I’m going to do.”

What did I not like about the book?

There was not much I did not like about this book. It was quite an easy read and filled with great advice.

One issue that I noticed was Gary’s remarks on, which at the time was rising fast and looked like the next big thing. Readers may find that advice outdated, but can easily relate it to TikTok.

My verdict-

Just like his social media advice, Crushing it is filled with great advice for people of all ages. However old you are, whatever you’re currently doing, this book will help you in exploiting your strengths and building a good brand and influence. A great book, written by a good person who practices what he preaches.

A must-read for everyone who is not looking forward to life in a cubicle!

Rating - 10/10

You can check out this book for yourself by clicking on the link below!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you enjoy the book!

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