Make Your Bed

Updated: Jan 24

Admiral William H. McRaven

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

Based on the viral graduation speech with over 10 million views on Youtube, Make Your Bed is a highly motivating book about the principles learned by the author during Navy SEAL training that can inspire us to lead better lives!

What’s it about?

On May 17, 2014, Admiral William H. McRaven addressed the graduating class of the University of Texas at Austin on their Commencement day. Taking inspiration from the university's slogan, "What starts here changes the world," he shared the ten principles he learned during Navy Seal training that helped him overcome challenges not only in his training and long Naval career but also throughout his life; and he explained how anyone can use these basic lessons to change themselves-and the world-for the better.

His original speech went viral with over 10 million views on Youtube. Based on the core aspects of his speech, McRaven recounts tales from his military days and the people he came across who dealt with extreme hardship and made tough decisions with courage, honour and determination. He uses his stories to put forward principles he learned that helped him successfully complete SEAL training and enjoy a long, successful career, including some highlights like the capture of people like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

He does not focus on any big ideas, but on the little things that we can implement in our life that can make us better, and thereby lead to us helping in making the world better.

What I liked about the book?

Firstly, huge respect to Admiral McRaven. The way he carries himself and leads by example is highly commendable. We all could learn so much from him. If you haven’t seen his speech yet, go see it right away! I have provided the video link at the end of this review.

What I loved about this book was that it does not make things complicated. Ten simple, little things we can learn and easily implement in our lives and make it better.

Every principle is backed by an inspiring story of courage and determination by the people McRaven has come across, if not a story of himself. Not only does this make it an entertaining read, but also leaves you highly motivated to take control of your life.

The book is an easy, enjoyable read. It almost feels like sitting next to McRaven on a park bench while he gives you this advice.

“You cannot paddle the boat alone. Find someone to share your life with. Make as many friends as possible, and never forget that your success depends on others.”

What did I not like about the book?

For someone with a distinguished career like Admiral McRaven, this book is quite short. There’s so much more that we could learn from him. The book leaves you wanting much more.

It would have been nice if he could have gone a little more into detail about his SEAL training and how he came about those principles.

A considerable part of what he said in the viral speech has been repeated in the book, which does not leave too much for readers who have watched the video.

My verdict-

This is probably the easiest review I have written, and I didn’t even have to go through my notes! Admiral McRaven is a highly respected figure. He puts his values and principles above everything else. The book, much like his speech is simple, direct and highly inspiring. While you could do with just watching the speech, the book is worth reading over and over and should be studied by everyone. A simple, yet powerful book!

Rating - 8/10

You can check out this book for yourself by clicking on the link below!

You can also check out his viral graduation speech by clicking here!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you enjoy the book!

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