Who Moved My Cheese?

Updated: Jan 24

Dr. Spencer Johnson

Written by bestselling author Dr. Spencer Johnson, Who Moved My Cheese is a short, light-hearted parable about the different ways we respond to life’s changes and how doing so skillfully can help us find more success and happiness in our lives.

What’s it about?

Compiled as a hilarious story, the book revolves around Sniff and Scurry, two mice and two little people Hem and Haw. All these four imaginary characters highlight how the human mind works when it comes to change. While the word “cheese” is used as a representation for all the desires one wishes for in life—whether it be a loving and blossoming relationship, good job, health or spiritual peace of mind.

The story starts to take shape when the characters are forced to deal with a sudden disappearance of the cheese they were so dependent on.

Their reactions to the situation leaves us with valuable lessons on dealing with change effectively in order to leave a less stressful, and consequently more successful life.

What I liked about the book?

Written for all ages, the 96-page motivation tale creatively covers how fear and anger take over mind when one is forced to change and how moving in a new direction can bring better results even in a hopeless situation.

Management has become an unnecessarily complicated field of learning nowadays. A whole new industry has opened up called “Change Management”. However, such books make those industries feel redundant. Written so simply, it perfectly illustrates why it is important for us to accept and adapt to change as quickly as possible.

Some books get quite complicated and delve unnecessarily deep into their topic. I honestly believe in keeping things simple so that the lessons of the book are learned as easily as possible and also easily retained. This book does exactly that.

“ What would you do if you weren’t afraid? ”

What did I not like about the book?

The story is a pretty short one and not quite detailed. For people who prefer detailed, captivating stories, this would not be a wholesome experience.

While the book does a great job in highlighting why we have to adapt to change, it falls short when attempting to inspire the reader to cause change.

My verdict-

There’s not much you can complain or elaborate about for a book that lasts just 96 pages!

We all have to consistently deal with change at some point in our life. We may suddenly lose our job, or a family member to an illness. We may drift away from friends who were once the only ones we could count on. But life goes on. We have to learn how to accept such changes and adapt to them as quickly as possible and there is no other book out there which could do a better job at emphasizing this.

Simply, a must-read!

Rating - 8/10

You can check out this book for yourself by clicking on the link below!

Thank you for reading my review. Hope you enjoy the book!

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